Music Classes


Beginning Guitar

Students learn to read music and strum simple songs in a group setting. They will be introduced to guitar basics such as chords, picking, strumming, and how to take care of their instrument.

Intermediate Guitar

Intermediate Guitar is for the musician looking to advance their playing. Lessons covered include advanced fingerpicking, utilizing hammer on’s and pull-offs, playing melodies within strumming patterns, and percussive elements while playing at the same time. Pre-requisites include having completed Beginning Guitar or have a working knowledge of chord diagrams, tablature, and basic strumming and picking patterns.

Advanced Guitar

Students are exposed to different styles and techniques of guitar including Flamenco, Jazz, and Classical. There is a heavy emphasis on fingerpicking. Pre-requisites include having completed Intermediate Guitar or being an experienced guitar player or a quick learner who is ready to move to the next level.


Beginning Piano

Beginning Piano will introduce students to proper technique, the musical alphabet, basic rhythms, and time signatures, and how to read music. Additionally, students will learn chord progressions of popular music and build ear training skills.

Intermediate/Advanced Piano

*Prerequisite: 3 years private lessons/previous experience* Intermediate/Advanced piano will continue to explore more complex time signatures, musicianship, composing and improvisation, mastering key signatures, and analyzing/mastering assigned music


Students are introduced to drumming and music theory basics in an encouraging class that aims to move students towards the Band class. 

Mini Music

This class is an introduction to music for younger students. They will be given a chance to experiment with many different beginner instruments, interact with their fellow beginner music students, and play fun games.


In Band, you will learn the art of playing with other musicians and vocalists. You will be exposed to and taught several genres of music. In addition to mastering your primary instrument(s) you will also have an opportunity to learn, play, and perform with new instruments (including but not limited to the bass guitar, mandolin, ukulele, piano, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, keyboard, drums, hand drums, and percussion). You will also learn an introduction to operating and caring for a sound system and equipment.

Requirements: A willingness to work within a team, a good attitude, a dedication to the class, a willingness to perform, and a minimum intermediate skill level of an instrument. If your instrument is your voice, then your voice is an instrument. Access to or possession of your primary instrument is strongly suggested.


Students learn how to craft and write original songs and musical compositions.

NOTE: Though no musical experience or ability to play an instrument is required, being able to hear pitch correctly and sing in tune is highly recommended.


Singing For The Stage

Singing classic pop songs and Broadway favorites, students will learn the essentials of being part of a musical theatre ensemble: harmony, dynamics, and emoting through song. Students will enjoy the complete ensemble experience, being assigned parts, blending them with the contributions of others, and working together to tell a musical story, capable of moving an audience. This class is geared toward students with no previous singing experience and gives them an opportunity to learn vocal basics in a supportive and encouraging environment.


This class is for the singer with previous experience who can stay on key. Come work on a Glee performance with singers of the same passion! Please bring a smartphone or tablet with headphones to class if you can.